We live and love design and understand that distilling complexity requires a toolkit for empathy, innovation, transformation and analysis. Clarity is not achieved by chance or creativity alone. We design think for quality outcomes that are unquestionable, understood and deliver comfort for a human friendly future.


We approach complex problems with a growth mindset and strong design values. Underpinning our methodology is the knowledge that thorough understanding reveals possibilities, raises insightful questions and creates evidence-based solutions. To develop this understanding, we are comfortable to fail, learn and grow from experience. DECY responds to complexity with deliberate wonder, empathy, commitment to process, a growth mindset and honest practice. Our mindset and values are at the core of our design process and a foundation for the standard we maintain. You can trust that when we work with you we are actively listening and fully committed.


DECY’s Creative Distillation is a framework to address complex problems concerning products, services, processes and systems. The process delivers creative, evidence-based outcomes by distilling issues to unquestionable truth. There are 4 distinct stages to this unique process loop: Understanding, Ideation, Prototyping and Measurement. It is an iterative process where we meet you in the middle of your complexity at an introduction, step you through creative distillation and integrate insights after each cycle. When we collaborate with you the Creative Distillation model enhances your capacity to navigate complexity, facilitates clear decision-making and increases efficient use of your resources. You will find comfort in the design process and distill your way to optimal outcomes.